Remember a few blog posts back where I mentioned that the “E” gas light on my car is on far more that it should be?! Well, this is definitely a metaphor for my life. I feel like the “E” gas light for my body is constantly on, but replenishing the fuel for my body is not as simple as going to a nearby gas station.

I was up sick the entire night, which meant facing the day with ZERO sleep, a hope, a prayer, and pain medication. I was definitely grumpy, but I had to force myself to get things done or they would have never gotten accomplished. I have discovered with fibromyalgia and my medical conditions that I have to FORCE myself and WILL myself to do everyday things like shower to running errands. It seems like an impossible, insurmountable task. I had to summon everything inside myself to face today, let alone face it at 9:00 am. I am not a morning person if you couldn’t tell. My first stop was the post office. ThenΒ I had to drop off one of our cars at the auto shop for an oil change and then take my boyfriend to work. Next, a trip to City Hall to finish closing my small business, which is JUST ABOUT complete thank goodness. I popped over to Home Depot to get two new, long, cellphone charging cables and then I was homeward bound. I had to make several different calls to the doctor to get out-of-work paperwork and the like taken care of… It always requires more than one phone call to get anything completed when it comes to anything medical related. However, I would be remiss to not express my gratitude for Kaiser Permanente. Before I transferred over to Kaiser, I was not particularly fond of them because I had heard some mixed reviews. But I am SO HAPPY that I made the switch to Kaiser Permanente. I had SUCH a difficult time getting anything accomplished at the previous medical center that I was being treated at prior to Kaiser, let alone getting it done in a timely fashion. I am always in SHOCK when Kaiser calls me the morning after I submit a claim or a message, and they finish addressing the situation shortly after I hang up the phone. When I send an email to the doctor, the nurses or the doctor always calls me promptly. They just make it so much easier to get the treatment and medication I need as well as minimizing the amount of hoops I have to jump through. Some of the doctor’s offices are even open until 8:00 pm, which is super helpful if you work a normal job. The best part is I don’t have to drive an hour and a half away to my hometown to see the doctor. There are Kaiser facilities just minutes from the house I currently reside in. Definitely counting my blessings.

I arrived home, changed into my jammies, and was just about to fall asleep when the phone rang. The oil change had been completed and the car was ready to be picked up. So I got changed again and went to deal with that. I arrived home, changed into my jammies, and was just about to fall asleep when the phone rang AGAIN! Luckily, I didn’t have to leave the house this time, but I did have to talk to the doctor to deal with medical stuff. Ugh. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY – At 2:30 pm, I was able to get a few hours of sleep before I had to pick up my boyfriend since I hadn’t slept the night prior. I picked up my boyfriend at work. He went to get groceries at the store while I prepped the kitchen to cook dinner. We decided to cook thin chicken fillets. I like to coat them with Italian dressing before I put them in the oven to cook. While I was pouring the Italian dressing onto the chicken, I noticed it was not coming out of the bottle easily and then it happened. The pouring spout thing flew off the bottle and Italian dressing sprayed EVERYWHERE!! It was on my clothes, my socks, the floor, the oven, the burners, the plates, and lets just say the chicken is going to be very Italian-y. Luckily, the chicken is still good to eat. My boyfriend, bless his heart, cleaned everything up for me since my back is in a lot of pain. He watched the whole thing unfold and thought it was funny. I felt like I was on the Nickelodeon show where you get slimed. I got a good chuckle myself, but boy am I tired. I am looking for a peaceful, uneventful day tomorrow, snuggling up with a good book. I hope sleep doesn’t elude me again tonight, but at least I’m sleeping more than I have in the past week. I am so glad that I forced myself to get things done today because I feel accomplished. Now my boyfriend says I need to go cut the chicken. Off to eat some dinner since I have only eaten rice all day.

-The Dramatic Ginger

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