Let’s face it – I am a child at heart and a lover of all things Disney. I live more in a fantasy world than reality.

My mother and I had discovered that author Ridley Pearson had written an entire series about five kids plus two gifted female Fairlies (fairly humans) battling Evil Villains in the Disney Parks after all the guests had left and the gates had closed for the night. We were so excited to start reading these books and reading them together no less.

I have been blessed to work as a Disney Cast Member and see Disneyland and California Adventure empty after park close to rehearse various Disney shows – AND it is absolutely magical ✨. HOWEVER, I have not had the pleasure to battle Disney Villains after park hours with six friends to save the Disney Parks – SO the book gave me that rare opportunity.

⭐️Book #1 – The Kingdom Keepers.

From the story to the cover of the book, the original is ALWAYS the best. This is my favorite book of the entire series and takes place in the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World. Now I haven’t wandered Walt Disney World at night so this was a treat!⭐️

🦁🐡🐭🐯 Book 2: Disney at Dawn.

The seven friends, known as the Kingdom Keepers because they are protecting the Disney Kingdom, travel to the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World to fight the Evil Villains or Overtakers who have all the animals under their control!

🐍Book #3 – Disney in the Shadow.

The Kingdom Keepers go to Epcot to fight the Overtakers once more 🐍, including snakes and Test Track Dummies. The rides come to life without ride operators. The Kingdom Keepers experience the rides like no other guest has or ever will….

⚑️Book #4 – Power Play.

The Overtakers prove to be formidable opponents to the Kingdom Keepers. Claude Frollo is leading the Disney Villains in the battle at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World 🌎.

πŸ›³Book #5 – Shell Game.

After making quick visits to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Typhoon Lagoon, the Kingdom Keepers board the Disney Magic and fight the Overtakers on the cruise ship and Castaway Cay. This was a nice change of pace, but I prefer the battles taking place in the Disney Parks πŸ›³.

βš“οΈBook 6 – Dark Passage.βš“οΈ

πŸ”₯The battle between the Kingdom Keepers and the Overtakers on the Disney Cruise ship are intensifying…..πŸ”₯

πŸ’₯Book 6.5 – Unforeseen.

This is actually a short novella that you can only purchase on the Kingdom Keepers website for a few dollars, and then, you download and print the PDF.

This was one of my favorites because we saw the story from the perspective of the two female Fairlies who were trying to rescue the 5 Kingdom Keepers that were in trouble. πŸ’₯

β˜€οΈBook 7 – The Insider. β˜€οΈ

The Kingdom Keepers are FINALLY BATTLING THE DISNEY VILLAINS in Disneyland and California Adventure, which is like my second home. This was another favorite of mine.

❗️❗️❗️NOW HERE IS WHERE THINGS GOT CONFUSING, at least for me. So the Kingdom Keepers Series is Book 1 – Book 7.5, including the Book/Novella 6.5. The author decided to extend the Kingdom Keepers Book Series by extending it into a series called The Return – A Kingdom Keepers Novel. Naturally, one would think you would finish the first series by reading Kingdom Keepers Book 7.5, The Syndrome, first AND THEN start the new series The Return – Book 1: Disney Lands. Luckily, I read reviews online that said to read The Return – Book 1: Disney Lands first AND THEN Kingdom Keepers Book 7.5, The Syndrome, in order for things to make more sense.

✨The Return – Book 1: Disney Lands✨

I was apprehensive starting this series addition to the original Kingdom Keepers series due to some very mixed reviews. However, I liked this series of 3 books much better than the first 9 books. This was indeed a continuation from the first 9 books. Some readers new to the Kingdom Keepers series as a whole tried to start with this book first and inevitably skipped the 9 books ahead of it πŸ˜‚. Again confusing with technically two different book #1s.

❀️Now I LOVED the storyline for the three The Return Series books because the Kingdom Keepers travel back in time to Disneyland Opening Day 1955 and interact with the Disney Family. The only problem is…how do they get back home over 60 years in the future with 1955 antiquated technology πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ».??!!

πŸ’‘Now we go back to read Kingdom Keepers Book 7.5 – The Syndrome.πŸ’‘

πŸ•°Book 7.5, like Book 6.5, is told from the perspective of the two female Fairlies as they try to save their friends from being stuck in 1955. Another rollicking Adventure. After reading this book, I had a lot more questions than answers and hoped The Return – Book 2: The Legacy of Secrets contained the answers…

πŸ“½The Return – Book 2: Legacy of SecretsπŸ“½

This book indeed answered my questions, cleared up any confusion and the story was back on track! The book continues to tell the story of the Kingdom Keepers living in 1955 during Disneyland’s Opening Day. They are trying to restore Walt Disney’s pen so it will be in the proper place in the parks in the present day as well as stop The Overtakers from every being created in the first place. The two female Fairlies, living in present day, are working to bring their friends home from the past…

I loved that the author included a replica map of what 1955 Disneyland and Burbank Studios looked like so we could reference it as events happened!!

β˜„οΈThe Return Series – Book 3: Disney at Last.

The two female Fairlies join the 5 Kingdom Keepers in 1955 in order to stop the Overtakers from ever being created. During present day, Disneyland and California Adventure is being attacked. Luckily, the Kingdom Keepers have friends in the present day to protect Disneyland and California Adventure. Will the creation of the Overtakers be stopped? Will Disneyland and California Adventure survive the present day attacks? Will the Kingdom Keepers and Fairlies ever return to present day? Such an AMAZING ENDING!

After reading all 12 books πŸ“š in this series, I became very fond of the Kingdom Keepers and their adventures. I found myself oddly very emotional during the last book.

πŸ“£Have you heard of this series? Have you read this series? I highly recommend it.πŸ“£

πŸ””I thought this was the last Kingdom Keepers book…

…It is rumored that 2019 will change that …

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❗️I hope you enjoyed reading about my accomplishment and opinions on the Kingdom Keeper Book Series ❗️.

-The Dramatic Ginger

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