Nausea comes out of nowhere, hits me like a ton of bricks, stops me dead in my tracks and sends me straight to a dark room to lay down in the fetal position and pray that I just fall asleep.

My boyfriend is out of town on a guy’s trip this weekend, which he desperately needed after how hard he works. Last night, I decided to venture outside the safety of the 4 walls of my house alone and see the movie “A Wrinkle in Time” at an AMC Dine-In Theater. I order a Sprite and pretzel bites and settle into the comfy recliner seat.

About one quarter into the movie and the nausea hits just like I described above. I absolutely panicked – probably not the best response but it happened. If I needed to leave in the middle of the movie, I would need to figure out how to pay my bill early since they bring the bill at the end of the movie. Most importantly, would I be able to get home? Sometimes nausea is so bad that I can barely walk to my bedroom let alone walk to my car and drive home in the rain. Since I was sitting in a section of two recliners next to each other and no one sitting next to me, I laid down across them and felt weird about it, but I didn’t have another choice. Another thing that didn’t help was the nature of the movie, “A Wrinkle in Time”. It’s a fantasy where they travel through time and the universe and at times felt like a bit of an acid trip (if I knew what that felt like). So no fault to the movie 🎥 (as it was the nature of the film), but it made my nausea even worse with the weird camera angles, crazy colors and “fun house effect”. I fought through, watched the movie to completion and enjoyed it the best I could. I was thankfully able to drive home. I tried to eat some rice, but I just resigned myself to go to bed and willed myself to sleep so the pain would go away. The lack of sleep 💤 over the past few weeks has caught up with me and made me sick, but I’m happy to report I think I got 8 hours of sleep for the first time since I can remember. I usually have trouble sleeping when my boyfriend is away, but the exhaustion won this time 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻!

I want to touch on this briefly and expound on it later. It is a true testament to my boyfriend that his absence is felt when he is away. My boyfriend works two jobs, has a full time job taking care of me as well as our dogs and house. He has become my rock, and I depend on him, yet I do try to salvage every piece of my independence left and thankfully he supports that. Like I said earlier, his guys’ trip was very overdue and much deserved. But selfishly, I always worry while he is out of town for a few nights for not only his safety but my own. I also don’t like being home alone in a house overnight. I grew up in a law enforcement family as well as value the importance of companionship and the buddy system – can you blame me 🤔?

My condition is very unpredictable, especially with my medication and treatments on the blink, and being home alone with him five hours away when my health takes a nasty turn is a very real possibility and fear of mine (whether irrational or not). I have been dizzy due to medication withdrawal symptoms and have to make sure I don’t fall in the shower. Luckily, I have those no-slip mats. Then, there are our two sweet, hyper puppies. If I am feeling miserable, I have to muster up every ounce of energy to make sure they are fed, have water, pen/crate area is clean and they are taken outside. Another concern is my back. Sometimes I can’t lift them let alone bend over because of an old back injury and don’t want my back to seize.

I honestly feel kind of pathetic saying this but it is true. There are days, like today, where I barely have the energy to go to the kitchen to make breakfast let alone get cleaned up. My boyfriend always helps me and gets me motivated. I also value some semblance of a routine as it keeps me sane, and I look forward to our nightly dinner and catching up on TV shows.

In conclusion, I do LOVE having “me” time and him having “guy” time. That’s healthy and a part of life. But when he is out of state, even if it’s for a few days, I feel like a piece of me is missing and just fear of something going wrong without my support system slips out. Each and every day I have a game plan for fibromyalgia, which usually includes reinforcements and a support system nearby if things go sideways.

Have any of you felt that way? Am I alone is this feeling? Is that a crazy way to feel?

-The Dramatic Ginger

6 thoughts on “Nausea: Silent, Swift, Merciless and Debilitating!!

  1. Gah… I’m sorry you had that experience with with the film and thankful you made it home okay.

    I rely on my boyfriend for a lot of support as well. Pretty heavily in the last several months, since I started having a problem with my knees that’s so bad I can’t stand long enough to cook for myself. Also, I get vertigo and low blood pressure spells that make me a fall risk at random times.

    I absolutely understand why it’s hard for your boyfriend to be out of town. Do you have anyone else who could help you nearby? I hope so!

    I hope the rest of his time gone is fun for him and uneventful for you.

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    1. I am so happy that I started this blogging journey because it is comforting to know that I am not alone and to interact with others who understand what I’m going through. I wish that none of us had to live through this. I’m blessed with loved ones who try to understand, but it is truly hard to understand what we go through unless you have been through it.
      My parents live a little over an hour away (freeway traffic makes it take longer), but they would be here in a heartbeat for me. My parents and my boyfriend are three main ones – I have no siblings.
      I’m so sorry that you deal with the symptoms you mentioned above with the vertigo and your knees. Feeling at risk of falling is not a fun feeling. I was having bad vertigo with my medication withdrawals and did not enjoy it. My knees also are troublesome for me too. They get really sore, and standing for too long is not an option. I also get restless legs and that is very annoying. I hope you don’t suffer from that too!
      I am so glad that you an amazing boyfriend like mine who helps you out. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him.
      I hope you have a fun remainder of your weekend.
      I appreciate you reaching out!

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      1. We are lucky for the support we have. 😊
        The community is wonderful! I haven’t blogged much about my health issues but I connect with others on their pages and FB groups help as well.

        RLS is the devil! I’m having a horrible time with it right now. That’s actually how I started having blood pressure issues, three of the main medications to treat it bottom me out. (I haven’t gone back to normal yet but I don’t crash as bad as I did anymore.) Now I’m taking iron though my levels were “normal” (NOT OPTIMAL- look into this!) and magnesium maleate, as well as using an Epsom salt rub and taking klonopin for it. I also use heating pads. It’s 24 hours a day! What do you do for it?

        On another note, did you get a tag back for the Liebster Award I nominated you for?

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      2. Yes I did get a tag back for the award. Thank you for nominating me!! I have drafted my blog post and finishing the 11 questions that I’m asking and need to find 11 new bloggers. Then, I will be complete.
        As you have read, my medications and treatments are all over the place. So pain medicine, Benadryl, heating pads, Icy Hot, Ice pack, comfy clothes, rest, taking it easy, reading and other activities to keep my mind off of things, and basic comfort foods are how I survive. My family motivate and encourage me!

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      3. You’re welcome! And much faster than me! Do you know to to tag someone you have to link to a post with a comment section? I didn’t and linked to a few “about” pages on my first go round.
        Benadryl often makes RLS worse, watch out for that one!

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      4. Thank you for the tips. I’m still figuring out “ping backs” and “linking”.
        I was taking Benadryl because my “nerve itching” , as I lovingly call it, was so obnoxious and come to find out, other people suffering from withdrawal of that particular medicine said it did the trick. Other than that, I avoid Benadryl too. That’s a worse case scenario situation.

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