March Comes in Like a Lion
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Hello everyone,

❤️A dear friend of mine has a blog chronicling his life and journey of becoming an English teacher in Japan. He is passionate about many things, Japanese culture, manga and anime, photography and films among other things.

🎥He wrote an informal review of a manga series called March Comes in Like a Lion on Crunchyroll. If you are not familiar with the genre, I encourage you to explore it. At first, I didn’t know a thing about this culture or genre until Kevin, who wrote this post, opened my eyes to it and showed me how interesting and beautiful the culture really is – Kevin recently went on his first solo trip to Japan, and I want to visit Japan someday in the near future 🇯🇵 .

📽I am sharing my friend’s blog post because he has shared this manga series, March Comes in Like a Lion, which tells the story of a boy who suffers from depression and the struggles he faces. As someone with severe depression, I plan to learn more about this series and hopefully watch the episodes. I applaud the director for tackling such a serious, controversial issue so beautifully.

✅Check our my friend’s blog and this series ❤️!

-The Dramatic Ginger

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