Today, I decided to treat myself and my two Silky Terrier puppies 🐶 🐶 to Starbucks ☕️. I ordered my usual Grande Hot White Mocha and a bagel since they were out of my beloved coffee cake.

🤫Then, I ordered off the secret menu for my pups. Did you know that Starbucks has a secret menu with one item being pet friendly? ⁉️

☕️I ordered my pups 🐶🐶 a puppucino ☕️, which is simply a tall cup filled with whipped cream. Whipped cream is safe for dogs to eat, but it should only be given as a special treat and not very often. Starbucks officials say that this item is technically not an official Starbucks secret menu item, but it has become a wildly popular trend. 👏🏻

❤️My dogs are my unofficial emotional comfort animals that I take with me as many places as possible, including Starbucks of course 🚘!

🚘Here are my pups waiting for their puppucino 🐶☕️:

🚘They are celebrities with all the drive-thru workers 💞.

🐶Here is the puppucino and my efforts dividing it up…I decided not to split the entire puppucino in half. I gave each dog an equal two scoops and put the rest in the fridge since they are smaller 🐶.

🐶My puppies are brother and sister so they can be feisty at times and try to steal each other’s treats. So I decided, in the interest of fairness, order and civility, to put an equal amount of yumminess in two separate dishes. Then, I put one dish on either side of the fence so there would be a physical barricade to prevent any feistiness, stealing or grumpiness 😉.

❗️(Side Notes – We have two baby gates to divide our house in half. We let the dogs run around in the front area of our house where they can access their doggy door, food, water, toys and large pen area. This area of the house is where my boyfriend and I spend the most time so we can keep an eye on them and to avoid mischief. I highly recommend it.)❗️

❤️❤️Here are the pictures that make me happy – seeing my dogs happy and enjoying themselves. I’m calling this pre-gaming for their birthdays on April 1st, yes they are April Fool’s babies 🐶🐶.

🐶🐶☕️They are so happy devouring their puppucino ❤️.

😂Then, the puppucino hangover happens:

⁉️Have you heard of the puppucino? How did you hear about it? Have you had your pup(s) try it? If you haven’t heard of a puppucino and/or haven’t had your pup(s) try it, will you have them try it now? Comment below⁉️

☕️I hope you enjoyed this blog post.☕️

-The Dramatic Ginger

16 thoughts on “Starbucks and Puppucino 🐶🐶☕️.

  1. I have heard of puppucinos but have never ordered one for my pup! I will have to take my little Shih Tzu out for a date! Your pups are adorable and I concur that our dogs are a great emotional support!

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