I just read “This is Me” by Chrissy Metz who is known for her role on the popular TV show, This Is Us.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this book since I am not very familiar with the author, but I really REALLY enjoyed her book. I felt like I was having a genuine conversation with an old friend who could joke around and spill her heart to.

I applaud her vulnerability in sharing all of the animosity that she faced before her dreams came true when she landed her dream role on This Is Us. She struggled with weight issues and abuse (physical, mental, emotional), but she NEVER GAVE UP! She is using her story as a platform to inspire others that you are beautiful no matter your size. She explains how few roles there are for plus sized women particularly on television, and she is using her role on the TV show This Is Us to inspire others and break down that barrier.

When she shared her vulnerabilities that she has struggled with all of her life, including “am I good enough” or “will they like me”, I could really relate to her. I feel like many of us feel these exact feelings more often than we want. I have definitely struggled with this, especially as a person with social anxiety. I want people to like me so much or I think that they don’t like me for some reason, which undermines my attempts at relationships. Chrissy still struggles with this!

So why do I read so many memoirs, a great deal being celebrities? I am fascinated by human nature and people’s stories. Chrissy had less than $1.00 in her bank account before she landed the role on This Is Us. We look at seemingly perfect pictures on Instagram or Facebook of either friends or even celebrities, and we think that our lives most be terrible compared to those. I get caught up in the comparison game, and I shouldn’t. I want to know the story behind that picture and that person. And to be honest, a guilty pleasure of mine is to get a glimpse into the life of a celebrity. But celebrities are people to, and I see it through the books they write.

Reading memoirs is also a way for me to connect with another human and learn their story. I am inspired by many of them who have faced adversity and used it as a vehicle to success. Many of them continue to do great work to help others.

In closing, remember that you may not know the adversities a person has faced or is currently facing… the burden they carry. In a few short months, I have lost or my friends have lost friends or loved ones, many whose lives ended to soon. It is a constant reminder to live, laugh and love to the fullest. Send a friend a quick text. Tell your loved ones that you love one. Spread kindness.

Read “This Is Me” by Chrissy Metz to be inspired by a beautiful person.

-The Dramatic Ginger

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