After months of recovering from medical treatment complications, I FINALLY have my fight and determination back! In addition to my elimination diet (READ my Elimination Diet blog), I have made the commitment to exercise.

Before I continue, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY first and foremost. Structure your diet and exercise around your own body’s needs. These needs may change even daily. LISTEN to the advice/instruction from your medical team as well. The information I include in my blogs work for my body, but may need to be adjusted for others.

For fibromyalgia in particular, low impact exercise is one of your best options. My doctor, in particular, recommended walking, warm water swimming, yoga, stretching, and strengthening your core. I also have started riding my bicycle, but I am taking it very slow because I haven’t ridden my bicycle in years. Overall, I am starting my different forms of exercise very slowly and cautiously. I don’t want to cause my fibromyalgia to flare up.

Best times for me to exercise: I do my more strenuous exercise from around 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. I take a short, casual walk with my family after dinner. I choose to do this because I already have trouble sleeping, and strenuous exercise at night tends to compound my sleeping issues by raising my heart rate. Again, everyone’s body is different. Choose your exercise time that is best for your body.

Walking: I found a beautiful nature center in the middle of the city. It no longer feels like your are in the city and is absolutely breathtaking. There are 3 different trails: 1/4 mile, 1 mile, and 2 mile. I typically do the 2 mile trail and the 1/4 trail. These walking trails are perfect for all ages and a great way to get in touch with nature in the middle of the busy city. I bought an annual pass so I can go on walks about 5 times a week in the morning. Here are a few pictures from my walks – There are even turtles in one of the pictures –

Bicycling: I can’t remember the last time that I rode a bicycle. I just bought a bicycle because I haven’t owned a bicycle in years. My boyfriend is going to fix up his bicycle so we can go bike riding together. I purchased a gel seat cover for my bike seat because my bottom is not used to the bicycle saddle. I am not able to bike very far at this point because my bottom and my legs start hurting badly. I am being cautious and taking it slow. I bike a little bit every morning to get used to it.


Swimming: I try to go swimming when it is warm enough. June gloom is upon us and my body is sensitive to cold water. Interestingly enough, the pool is warmer at night, and I tend to go swimming at night. Swimming is my favorite exercise because the weight is taken off of your joints, and it seems like the fibromyalgia pain goes away for a time.

A few things I use in my pool exercises is the following:

Pool rings: I drop pool rings throughout the pool and retrieve them. I recommend using swim goggles to see under water.

Water weights: I am still getting used to these. One exercise is to hold these weights under water and jog in place. This took a toll on my arms so I am taking a break from this particular exercise.

Boogie board: Purchase an inexpensive boogie board. Hold the sides of the boogie board. Stretch your body out flat with your stomach down in the water. Slowly kick your feet. This is a great exercise for your core in particular. You can also grab the side of the pool and do the same thing.

Swimming laps: Just swimming from one side of the pool to the other is a simple and great exercise as well. Take it slow.

Strengthening Your Core: I found a great YouTube channel that has exercise videos that cater to people with fibromyalgia. This helps strengthen my core, stretch, and do cardio. Here is the link: Cocolime Fitness. Check it out!!!!

Dancing: Sometimes I go back to basics…Throw on headphones, listen to music and just dance.

Overall, the main goal is to get moving. You may lack motivation, but decide to exercise and the motivation typically follows. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

Here is a diet update:

I have been eating primarily salads, chicken and fish. Here are some pictures:

I would love to hear from you! What are your favorite exercises and must have healthy food?

-The Dramatic Ginger

One thought on “Fibromyalgia and Exercise

  1. Swimming is the best! No impact, less gravity, and it helps me sleep. (Also, the pressure from water can help with allodynia and nervous system balance in general so it’s king.

    Food wise, I love anything with avocado on it. Eggs, salads, seasonings… πŸ˜‚

    Glad you’ve got a routine going! Looks like you’ve got a beautiful place to roam too!

    Liked by 1 person

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