Esther Smith’s Life In Slow Motion Online Courses

I had the opportunity to take two online courses created by Esther Smith called “A Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Illness” and “31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain." As a chronic illness sufferer, I am always actively searching for classes and other ways to educate myself about my medical condition. … Continue reading Esther Smith’s Life In Slow Motion Online Courses

Work in Progress ❤️.

🎉A milestone has been reached 🙌🏻. I have been blogging for a week straight with multiple posts each day 🎉. ❓It has been quite a bit of a learning curve since I’m a new blogger with a limited attention span ❗️. ☀️This blog has been very therapeutic for me and raised my spirits. It has … Continue reading Work in Progress ❤️.

Liebster Award I and II

Thank you so much to Heather Tasker for this nomination! I absolutely love her blog and seems we have a few things in common, such as living with chronic illness, reading and writing. Check out her blog if you haven't already or you will be missing out! Rules for Accepting the Liebster Award: Acknowledge the blogger who … Continue reading Liebster Award I and II